IMBIBER BEADS® is a certified (ASTM International Standards) Super ABsorbent Polymer (SAP) used to "imbibe", drink in or absorb, more than 1000 hydrocarbons and compounds across a very broad section of the organic chemical spectrum. 


 The polymer particles are solid (about the size of a salt or sugar granule). There are no pores or voids to fill (as in a sponge). IMBIBER BEADS® drink the liquid into their solid structure and absorb up to 27 times their volume.


 The IMBIBER BEADS® will not release liquid through either compression or gravitational pull, not even when cut in half. The liquid is held in the molecular structure – not in droplets. 


 The IMBIBER BEADS® are the common link to the entire family of environmental mitigation and protection products developed by Imbibitive Technologies Inc. and are ready for global distribution.


 BIG PIPE Marketing is proud and excited to be a Master Distributor for this proprietary family of Imbibitive Technologies products in  Western Canada and several U.S. states.  BIG PIPE Marketing will initially focus on the Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Environmental Reclamation markets.

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