BIG PIPE Marketing is a privately held marketing and distribution company based in Calgary, Alberta focused on unique and technologically advanced products and associated services needed to not only protect our environment but to support our customers in their clean up processes in the event of a spill.


To appropriately address “spill response” requires timely deployment of products that immobilize toxic environmental contaminants and contain the liquid spill within hours, not days. These products must be in place and on standby to respond in the event of a spill. Our REACT™ Center and the REACT™ Program are the result of industry feedback and consultation with end users and contractors to the spill response and environmental services’ industries.


The Corporation has established distribution channels and relationships throughout North America to facilitate the delivery of these innovative products and services to our customers within two primary markets: the Energy and HAZMAT sectors.


Our dedicated team has a wide range of both operational knowledge and marketing experience across many of our target markets. The team is available to assist you and your customers in securing products and support services that will aid in spill response, and protection of our most precious resource, water.

Call us today at 1-888-377-5195, we can assist you. 



BIG PIPE USA is a privately held marketing and distribution company based in College Station, Texas focused on the marketing and distribution of the same products and services as our parent corporation, Big Pipe Marketing.


Visit the USA website at: or Call us at: 1-979-599-7932, we will be glad to assist you. 


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