Big Pipe Marketing and XBOOM  in cooperation with Vancouver Fire and Rescue

October 2015


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We are focused on the marketing and distribution of unique and technologically advanced products and services designed to protect the environment and, where possible, assist with the cleanup of spills that threaten our environment.


Spills happen despite our best efforts and business practices. Our ability to respond, and more importantly, contain the extent of damage to the environment requires a change to the accepted norms for spill response.


Our initial marketing efforts began with licensing marketing and distribution rights to specific territorial markets for the world’s only “oil sensitive” super absorbent polymer, branded and distributed as IMBIBER BEADS®.


Big Pipe Marketing’s focus going forward must evolve to that of a service provider or a partner in such services that will result in dramatic changes to spill containment and the cleanup efforts by our customers. These efforts include fostering innovative packaging of the IMBIBER BEADS® products and the resulting utilization of the hydrocarbon energy contained within the imbibed materials.  


Our dedicated team is available to assist you in securing products and support services that will aid in your spill response, and protecting our most valuable resource, water.


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